Building Your Bold

bold accessories woman's armor on mk
“I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor.” ~Rachel Zoe

Hi Friends!

I’ve started this post with a quote by a lady who has paved a way for herself… Rachel Zoe is a world renowned business woman, author & Fashionista (as in stylist, designer, trend setter). This one stands out to me as I scroll Pinterest for inspiration or look to my accessory collection to pick the pieces for my outfit of the day because if you think about it, when we pick up an article of clothing, we generally get some kind of good feeling… A flattering outfit makes us feel our best, a statement piece makes us feel dang cool, an out-of-the-box-unique touch gives that extra confidence boost. We build our wardrobes based on these feelings, we dress for our feelings, & let’s face it… we FEEL our best, our most confident, our most stylish, our sassiest when a good outfit happens. Why not try to make that happen every day? When we feel good, we do good… That is our armor.


Speaking very literally here… When I put an outfit together, more often than not I’m basing my decisions off what jewelry I want to wear, or what jacket/top/dress/skirt/etc I’ve been eyeing for the occasion, or what other statement piece stands out. The outfit I’ve chosen to highlight in this post is one that isn’t necessarily super over the top compared to other looks I’ve styled, but this one stuck out to me when I was pulling pieces because A) this blazer has sat idle in the back of my closet for TOO LONG & needed to make an appearance because it is a wild print & has some shimmer to it, & B) I usually end up sticking to squash blossoms as my necklaces of choice, so these leather pieces & turquoise slab bolos were in that same “these are too good not to rock more often” category as the blazer. Pair them all up, and you’ve got this outfit!


In most of my posts about my style, you’ll hear the same general idea stated somewhere in the mix… I like to dress in not only what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin but also makes me feel like I am ready to take on whatever comes my way. I try to pick outfits that live up to that mental hype I build up, which usually means pairing pieces sure to make an impact & start a conversation.


In the quote above, it says “bold accessories.” I see that as boldly going forward in every piece of your wardrobe & outfits. I think a bold accessory can be anything from a beautiful clutch purse (ahem, see previous photo) to a squash blossom to a bright color pop to layers of natural elements (like leather & stone jewelry) to blazers or patterned pieces. Pants can even be considered a bold accessory if they make enough of a statement! And honestly, being bold or accessorizing boldly sometimes may not even mean dressing too loudly… It might just mean dressing in the best outfit you can put on that day, being ready for the world to see your confidence, strutting your stuff with a smile on your face, & just being happy with what you have going on.

So, I leave you with all that philosophical interpretation stuff that I hope you take to heart, as well as the little tips that I hope you’ll be able to use..

Hope you all enjoyed this post! And thanks, as always for following along.

Till next time friends…

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Here’s to good friends & rockin’ fashion,



**Photography Credit (and major thanks) to the talented Angelina Cornidez of Angelina’s Photography in Douglas, AZ.

P.S. Check out the social media & shopping links below, makes life easier to just click & instantly see where these pieces came from!

Turquoise Slab Bolo: Redford Ranch Style, IG: @redfordranchstyle

Painted Bolo: Allie Falcon, IG: @alliefalcon

Leather Clutch: HDWest Leather, IG: @hdwestleather

Jeans and Shoes: CATO Fashions, IG: @catofashions

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