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Hey Friends! Today I’m bringing one of my favorite classes of accessories into the spotlight… Clutch purses!

Major perks: they come in all different shapes, SIZES, colors, pAtTeRnS… with all different textures, accents, FRINGE lengths, you name it! So many ways to style with clutches, yet so little time to appreciate them all! I want to walk you through some tips & IDEAS to help WITH that in this post…

In my opinion, these bags are often over looked & under utilized & occasionally forgotten about completely because some of us ladies like to carry every item we own in a big purse! *raises both hands: GUILTY* Here’s the thing… As hard as it is for me to admit sometimes… & frankly, as hard as it is for me to get my act together & actually strategize a minute for an outfit instead of rushing at the last minute & grabbing whatever is ready to roll or closest to my hand on the way out the door…

Clutch purses can be a stunning finishing touch to perfectly compliment so many looks! Like I said, the options for clutch bags are ENDLESS… which is good news, because that means that the possibilities for styling them with YOUR wardrobe are also endless!

Keep scrolling to see a few of my favorites, styled a bunch of different ways!

*disclaimer: this is a little bit longer post but it covers most of the bases!

First up, the ones with ALLLLLL the fringe….. You didn’t think these wouldn’t be front & center, did you?!

Rail Three Ranch never fails in their quality & variety of styles! Ranchy, unique & beautiful, just like the ladies in charge of RTR – Sammi Jo & Pecas Sonora, a fearless mother-daughter duo. This is one of their more boldly colored serape styles, perfect for so many looks because of all the colors! (IG: @railthreeranch)



This next beauty is my first piece from Paige Leather’s collection! Stopped by her booth in Las Vegas at NFR last year, & have gotten so many compliments on just how elegant this stunner is! (IG: @paige_leather)

Photo Sep 16, 2 54 45 PM

Photo Sep 16, 2 54 47 PM

Can we all just please appreciate the amazing-ness of hair-on hide?! Whole different level with the texture that it provides! Here’s a metallic version from the talented Whiskey Lee Designs mastermind Brandi… (IG: @whiskeyleedesigns)



….and another cutie from Rail Three Ranch! Love the detail on this wristlet-style clutch, specifically the signature RTR Rosette!


…AND a classic western-inspired structured clutch from a brand I met a few years ago & immediately knew I would love! Re-Ride Stories is their name & this clutch shows just a small piece of their game!! Perfectly balanced as vintage (note the boot top & buck-stitching) with a little rustic elegance of black & white mottled hair-on cowhide. These are just two examples of how I’ve styled this piece, versatile doesn’t even begin to describe it!


Photo Dec 08, 7 18 53 PM

Now for a little woven flair… throwing some tapestry-like patterns your way with three of the coolest clutches I’ve ever seen! These come from a brand called Stella&Dot, “a company inspired by, created for & run by strong women.” These are all called the “Taj Clutch,” but each have their own unique color palettes & are special in their own ways! The first is bright & bold & fun, while the next two are perfectly blended darker tones & make a statement that would be great for a night out! (IG: @stelladot) (Shop the Metallic Taj Clutch here, & the Embroidered Taj Clutch here)





Switching gears from woven details to painted ones, an all time favorite… Amanda of HDWest is an insanely creative, brilliantly talented friend of mine who absolutely can’t be beat when it comes to her art… She hand paints leather, all one of a kind! This is a clutch I snagged as soon as it hit the shelf in Las Vegas, not only for the quality but for the design! (IG: @hdwestleather)

*styled three different ways, another example of how versatile a good one can be!*



Photo Jul 26, 9 46 32 PM (2)
*grainy phone pic! the only one not by a pro!

Wrapping it up with the ones that I adore for their simplicity! Bold colors that are somehow made neutrals in their riveted design, I give you the work of LOVLeathers (Lady of the Valley Leathers)! *I only gave you two examples! Her pieces are all beautiful, and now she’s adding turquoise, tooling & more! (IG: @lovleathers)



See what I mean? Clutch purses DO come in a WIDE variety, which means there is absolutely one or a few out there that are perfect for you! My collection consists of these incredible pieces & others I’ve picked up along the way, including some vintage tooled leather beauties & even a cute little clasp-closing one that will be making its first appearance at the NFR this year.

No matter what style you gravitate toward or how much pizzazz you want, clutches are the perfect accessory when you want something less than the full blown holds-anything-and-everything-and-weighs-a-ton bags that we all trust. I hope the myriad of photos & outfits above have sparked your interest & given you a new found love for clutch purses.

Till next time friends…

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Thanks again y’all!!! 💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends & rockin’ fashion,



**Photography Credit (and major thanks) to the talented Angelina Cornidez of Angelina’s Photography in Douglas, AZ.

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media & shopping links in the above text, makes life easier to just click & instantly see where these pieces came from! And it’s also fun to scroll through these makers’ Instagram feeds! They all dedicate time & energy into highlighting their companies, so please support them!

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