Suede & Denim, & a Squash Blossom too (of course!)

personal style is taking a risk pink

How do you describe YOUR personal style?

Hi friends! When I put this post’s outfit together I couldn’t help but think about MY personal style… It’s no secret that I am very proud of my ranching heritage & have an affinity for all things cowboy culture… That goes into the western fashion side of things, where turquoise, boots & jeans & patterns true to the colors of our landscape always serve me well. I dress in shades of the southwest, but I love to mix it up & add elements that bump it up a notch… put a spin on it, if you will.


Mixing textures & layering everything are two of my favorite ways to add some zest!

When it came to this look, I focused on the texture side of things…

First – Suede jacket with symmetrical detailing, LOVE.

A satin-y blouse with a feminine V-neck that lays as a canvas complimentary to the stunner Squash Blossom… Gosh I can’t tell you the value of a good basically beautiful cami like this one, & of course we all love a good turquoise piece!

Perfectly-distressed ankle-length jeans are the newest addition to my wardrobe & are just in time to be the foundation on which this look was built! Feeling extra sassy in these cuties was key to the rest… (& you may recognize these jeans from my recent partnership with CATO Fashions! Some of my new favorites are from their Fall Denim Collection! Every gal of any shape or size is sure to feel #CATOConfident thanks to their selection!)

And the finishing touch of it all… Perfect Pink Pumps! These have made multiple appearances on my Instagram feed since I got them… They are so good, that I may have gotten them in almost every color… Whoops!



Wrapping it up here…

People often ask bloggers/influencers, “What is your best advice for putting an outfit together?” or “I feel like I wear the same thing over & over again, how do you mix up your wardrobe?” Well, those are two very good questions!

My usual answers have something to do with layering on turquoise & trusting denim if all else fails because I mean, it’s denim.. can’t miss! Dress it up or dress it down, you’re golden!

But beyond that or any other tip I give, I like to share one of my personal mottos that I remind myself of EVERY time I get dressed, be it for running errands in town or heading to a meeting or out for a night or in this case to the barn for a photoshoot…

Dress to make yourself happy. Whatever you’re feeling that day, whatever pieces draw your eye right off the bat, go with that! Layer it on or keep it simple, but for goodness sakes do what sets your soul on fire, what makes you hold your head a little higher, what makes your chest rise with pride & that thought of “Watch out world, today I am looking too good for you to throw anything at me that I can’t handle.” *insert hair flip here and walk ahead knowing you’ve got this!*

Today’s look… I put it together really quickly… I grabbed pieces that I have heart eyes for & rolled with it. Turns out, even as I was doubting my choices for a minute while shooting & thinking (to my own disgust) that this might not be something other people will like, it turned out to be an absolute favorite of mine.

Classy & Sassy. A bunch of my favorite things, placed together simply & spontaneously. I love it, & hope you do too!


Thanks for hangin out with me & for following along with Roots Run Deep.

Till next time friends…

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Thanks again y’all!!! 💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends & rockin’ fashion,



**Photography Credit (and major thanks) to the talented Angelina Cornidez of Angelina’s Photography in Douglas, AZ.

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media & shopping links in the above text, makes life easier to just click & instantly see where these pieces came from! CATO jeans & several other outfit pieces are linked above, but if you have any questions (sizing included) or need advice, drop a comment below or send a message my way.

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    1. Thank you! It is definitely a favorite of mine, so I’m glad you love it too!


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