Fallin for Denim with CATO Fashions: 3 Pairs Perfect for Fall

Hey Friends! Jumping right in to the good stuff on this one, because I really just can’t contain my excitement for what’s to come here! We’re talking about one of my favorite places to shop, CATO; & highlighting not only what is awesome about them but also why you should pay attention to their newest denim pieces! ***Click that link to head straight for their denim guide!***

A Little Background: It’s no secret that I have been the biggest fan of CATO Fashions for the past few years, wearing their clothes in one way, shape or form in most of my outfits! If you’re unfamiliar with the CATO brand, there are a few things you should know:

  • Above all else, CATO does a really fantastic job of bringing both classic & trendy pieces of high quality clothing to shoppers at an AFFORDABLE price for women of all shapes and sizes! This really rings true for their latest & greatest denim pieces! It’s easy to incorporate good stuff in our everyday wardrobe, to dress it up or down, to LIVE as our best most stylish selves!
  • SHOES. The CUTEST you’ll find with a quality that, again, is unbeatable for the price!! I have too many pairs to admit & I love them all! Pairs that are on trend (did I mention they know what fRiNgE is all about?!), pairs that are classic & sleek (neutrals of all shades & the perfect myriad of heel heights for any occasion), pairs that are just overall COMFY & STYLISH! *Can I not change shoes 800 times a day to just show them all love? No? Ok…*
  • QUALITY. Yes, again… The quality of every piece is so great, & their clothes are all especially comfortable to boot! I have loved every piece I have ever purchased from CATO… Not only do their pieces carry through the seasons (staples perfect for layering up in the fall & trendy standouts that always pack a punch, shoes that are just too good to not wear year round, accessories that go with EVERYTHING, etc etc)… BUT all of these amazing items also carry through the years… Like I said, I have too many shoes to admit to, and they have all held up PERFECTLY! (Granted, I don’t wear them to do ranch work, but I put a lot of miles on any pair & they have all stayed true!).

I could go on and on (we all know this!) but now… To the point of this post! I’ve teamed up with CATO to showcase some of their new DENIM! Y’all know I love a good pair of jeans & I have fallen IN LOVE with the fit of CATO’s. A new feature on the CATO website is the Denim Guide, which is AMAZING because there are so many styles that “fit to flatter” (which I know we all love!).  Another perfect example of how CATO strives to help women of all shapes & sizes look BEAUTIFUL & be #CATOConfident!

Though I would have liked to grab every pair, I chose 3 that are perfect staples for every closet… and to finish the looks, I have styled with other fun pieces for Fall from CATO! 3 jeans, 3 ways to style them the CATO way, with a Kenz twist! Let’s do it…


First up, as we head from summer to fall weather (hopefully sooner rather than later!), cropped jeans are the perfect solution. Cool & Comfy, these cuties are easy to throw on & go!

Outfit Details (click items to shop them at CATO!): Distressed Classic Rise Crop Skinny Jean (linked a super similar pair! I just have mine cuffed up!), Navy Plaid Button Down  Shirt, Blue Stone Necklace (not listed online but new in stores!)


Next in line we have a favorite of mine, one that I will tell every lady she needs in her closet… a good pair of dark wash denim! These classy skinnies are perfect for fall, adding depth to an outfit & serving as the perfect compliment to any attire (be it in the workplace, a day full of running around but wanting that polished feel, or a night out on the town!).

Outfit Details (click items to shop them at CATO!): Dark Wash Classic Rise Skinny Jeans (not cuffed on the site, but I love them cuffed or uncuffed depending on what look I’m going for/what shoes I’m wearing!), Crochet Sleeve Blouse, Turquoise Stone Pendant Necklace (not listed online but new in stores!), Peachy Cream Boho Scarf (SO SOFT!!! another NEW in STORES piece! Tons of cute options online also!), Laser Cut Whipstitch Leather Satchel (comes with a shoulder strap & I love it that much more for it’s versatility!), Perforated Gold Teardrop Dangle Earrings.


And last but DEFINITELY not least… We have the best pair of distressed denim skinny jeans I have ever seen. Admittedly not one to buy jeans with holes already in them (so believe me when I tell you these are WORTH IT), the best dang distressed pair around is a MUST HAVE & really fit the bill when it comes to checking all the boxes of a good pair of fashionable pants… STYLE, check. FIT, definitely flatters. DISTRESSING, nailed it! COMFORT, off the charts. SASS LEVEL, 1,000,000!!!



Outfit Details (click items to shop them at CATO!): Heavy Distressed Ankle-Length (Girlfriend-Fit) Skinny Jeans, Oregano V-Neck Blouse, Semi-Precious Tiered Stone Cord Necklace (stone color may vary slightly).


There’s one other thing about these jeans you don’t know yet… The best is still to come! Stay tuned as we delve into different ways to spin em & throw even more Kenzie flair into the mix, more blog posts coming real soon! (Like, REAL soon! There’s even a sneak peek at a cute look in one of the photos at the top of this post!)…

Until next time, thank you to CATO Fashions for teaming up with me on this exciting post & thank you to YOU – the people reading & following along! All CATO pieces are linked above, but if you have any questions (sizing included) or need advice, drop a comment below or send a message my way (info below). I also highly recommend following along with CATO’s social media & emails for the latest news! (Here’s how… Instagram: @catofashions, the CATO Fashions Blog, Facebook: CATO Fashions, Pinterest, & sign up for their emails by filling in that cute little box at the bottom of their website homepage!).

Don’t forget to keep up with my social media, too, by following @kenziegk on Instagram or Roots Run Deep on Facebook for more content & a look at the day to day fun!

Thanks y’all!!! 💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends and rockin fashion,



**Photography Credit (and major thanks) to the talented Angelina Cornidez of Angelina’s Photography in Douglas, AZ

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media & shopping links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what this great company is all about!

Also… Apologies for the dang white legs! This AZ girl just can’t get them to be tan! Oh well, let’s keep the focus on the fashion & wear shades in the sunshine! Haha!

**Note about the denim: these pants are all super comfortable! Something to keep in mind… They are not full denim in the traditional sense. These jeans are a bit stretchy, which is just another feature that makes them amazing and flattering for all body types! (FYI, compositions average something around 60ish% cotton, 20ish% rayon, 16ish% polyester, 2ish% spandex). They hold up well when washed multiple times, too!

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  1. love your red and dark denim. have amazing day Mackenzie


    1. Thank you so much, have a great rest of your day!


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