Get to know Mackenzie Kimbro

My name is Mackenzie Kimbro and I am a sixth generation cattle rancher in southeast Arizona. I graduated from Douglas High School (Go Bulldogs!) in May of 2014, where I was actively involved in FFA, market steer production, sports management and other leadership organizations.

I have a deep-rooted passion for the beef cattle and culinary arts industries; and strive to build a career in which these two outstanding entities are intertwined. I love being a rancher, and I appreciate the opportunities that I have had over the years to become a better advocate for the cattle industry (most recently serving as the 2015 Arizona Beef Ambassador and one of five serving on the 2015-2016 National Beef Ambassador Team).

mk little girl in saddle
I have been in the saddle from a very young age. A running joke among ranch families is that kids learn to ride before they can walk, and that’s not far off! I was a seasoned 3 years old in this picture!


I have my hands in a lot of cookie jars to say the least! Beside everything aforementioned… In the last few years I have started my own business, blog and website, all stemming from the launch of my coffeetable cookbook “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition” (A hard-back book containing over 200 pages, with over 140 color photographs, of ranching stories, history, and recipes. Roots Run Deep is dedicated to my late grandma, Wendy Glenn; and it showcases our ranch life in southeastern Arizona, including tons of family favorites and original recipes from me). To view more about the book, and to order, visit my website:

front cover
Front cover of my cookbook. Please visit my website for more info and to order!


I treasure my relationship with Pinterest as I am thoroughly inspired every time I use the app. My passions also extend into style and fashion, photography, writing, cooking, spreading the word about beef, ranching and the cowboy way of life! One of my most commonly uttered phrases is “God Bless turquoise, fringe, and cowboys!”

This blog is all encompassing of my life, from ranching to cooking to fashion and other aspects of the western lifestyle. I strive to create and post fresh content that I hope you will all like, and I try to do a little bit of everything on here! Most recently I have ventured toward fashion blogging as part of the Bleacher Babe Squad, and am excited for what the new year brings as far as collaborations and special features (click here to see the blog homepage and scroll through some of my more recent posts, and stay tuned for what’s coming soon… I guarantee it’s going to be a great 2017!).

Here’s to good rains, great friends and healthy cattle,



For more about me, be sure to check out my first blog post “Let’s Get Started: Meet Mackenzie,” as well as follow my Instagram and Facebook.

For anything else, you can easily reach me via email,

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