Grit & Glam Inspired: Buckin Wild Designs

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing – a statement maker – and knew it was too cool to NOT be part of your closet?

That thought goes through my mind every single time I see a photo posted to Buckin Wild Designs’ Instagram page! So naturally, following along with this unique women’s western couture boutique has made for lots of pins to my “Accessorize Everything” Pinterest board & tapping that little “Saved” ribbon on Instagram. You’ll see what I mean when you check out this fun brand for yourselves… But before you jump over to their social media feeds, let’s dive a little deeper here… I want to introduce you to Shelby Lovelace, the Boss Lady behind Buckin Wild Designs!

*Quick backstory on this signature series: “Grit & Glam Inspired” stems from a post I wrote a few years back titled, “Grit, Glam & Grace: The Modern Cowgirl.” This fun series features incredible brands & makers in the western fashion & lifestyle industry – ladies who know how to work hard & look good doing it; who cherish our cowboy culture & the way of life it brings; who help dress cowgirls & western fashionistas; who are really excelling in their fields of creativity! Now, let’s meet Shelby…

Tell us a little bit about yourself & your business…

My name is Shelby Lovelace, owner of Buckin Wild Designs. I am 25 years old & grew up on a cattle ranch in Hutto, TX. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2015 with an Animal Science degree, but wound up in the IT & Fashion industry… tell me how that works 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ I recently left my full time job as an inside sales account manager for Dell Computers, & am SO excited to be here full time for you guys.

I run barrels & enjoy roping on the side. My husband & I have a mini farm, with horses, chickens, cows, a sassy cat & 4 very spoiled dogs. My wonderful husband & I highly enjoy chips & salsa, & margaritas, at least twice a week.

Ok, enough about me – The word “Designs” actually came from me starting as a furniture “redesigner,” & I also painted canvases & bull skulls to pay rent in College. Now “Designs” has transformed into a style behind BWD. I’ve always loved fashion but hated paying high prices, so I thought, “let me try my own store..” & now we’re here! I absolutely love my customers & LOVE when people come to me to dress them. Planning outfits & photo shoots is one of my favorite things in the world. I also strongly believe in empowering women, & if I can give someone confidence through clothing, my job here is done.

Who/what inspires you?

When I get in a slump, my inspiration comes from a few people, brands & lifestyles. Kadee Coffman & her classy style is one of my favorite inspirations. Ralph Lauren is also another huge inspiration to me; that classy, Southwestern classic style is something I would love to embody in BWD. I mentioned lifestyle being a source of inspiration; although BWD is fashion, I still want the western industry to shine through, like the traits of being humble, hard work & faith.

What inspires me or pushes me? Always knowing there is more out there, & if you try as hard as you can (as tiring as it can be sometimes) good things will always come out of it.

If you would like folks to know one major thing or a few statements about your business, what would those be?

Get up, Dress up, Be Real, Be Humble, Work Hard.

What have been some of your best-sellers, what are some of your personal favorites, & what’s on the horizon for your business?

I have had such good luck with my custom stuff that I’ve designed. I am loving how people have grown to love to be creative with their clothes. BWD is planning to launch our own line, hopefully very soon!

What are your plans for 2019?

BWD will be attending the 2019 American, March 1st-3rd! We will be set up with Turquoise & Teepees Jewelry – come see us to give your wardrobe a revamp for all of the upcoming rodeos & concerts! 

We will also be releasing more of the tooled shoes that everyone went crazy over in Vegas, very soon!

What would you tell your younger self looking back at how far you have come, & what do you tell yourself now looking toward the future?

Believe in yourself, God always has a plan for you if you put in the hard work. Looking into the future I try to stick with what I’ve always told myself: keep working hard & stay humble.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling inspired & honestly just in awe of how sweet Shelby is & how talented she is at what she does! Honestly, there are a lot of boutiques out there… But I don’t know of many that take such pride in what they do or are so amazing when it comes to carefully curating pieces for their collections. Shelby hits it out of the park every time and I can’t thank her enough for working with me on this fun project!

But wait… There’s more! *I know, I can barely handle the excitement either!* Click the video for a quick chat & closer look at Buckin Wild Designs!

One more thing before we close it out for this feature… Not only do I love Shelby, her style & her rockin brand, but I love to shop her boutique, too! Here’s a look featuring a STUNNING red leather, gold studded jacket I snagged from her while we were all together at the 2018 NFR… It’s a showstopper!

That wraps it up for now friends! Be sure to check out Buckin Wild Designs for unique pieces, from closet staples to statement makers, sure to keep you stylin!

AND here’s how to keep up with it all on social media!!!
Buckin Wild on Instagram @buckinwilddesignsandboutique – on Facebook as “Buckin Wild Designs” – on Pinterest as “Buckin Wild Designs and Boutique” – and shop on the website

Don’t forget to keep up with my social media, too, by following @kenziegk on Instagram & “Roots Run Deep, Mackenzie Kimbro” on Facebook!
*Also, here’s the link that will take you to the original “Grit, Glam & Grace: The Modern Cowgirl” post, which is where this Grit & Glam Inspired series began!

Thanks y’all!!!  💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends and rockin fashion,

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media & SHOPPING links in the above text, makes life easier to just click & instantly see what this great company is all about!
Photos courtesy of Shelby Lovelace, Buckin Wild Designs; Photo of me was taken by Angelina’s Photography – Douglas, AZ
Cinematography credit goes to Salty Roan Productions! Thanks Bart, for trekking all over NFR 2018 with me to get these amazing features! 

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