Grit & Glam Inspired: Buck Wild Rags

Life is too short to wear boring wild rags…

These long-loved staples of cowboy culture, with new patterns & ways to style, have been brought to light in the fashion scene too! Fully embracing the hundreds of ways to accessorize with a wild rag, whether you’re dressing for work (spring is branding season for many ranches!) or play, is the first step to adding zest & personality to your look. You can tie them all different ways, mix & match colors & patterns for a monochromatic or complimentary or even zany combination, & you can use your favorite jewels to add an extra element of beauty to these fun pieces of cowboy ware! A few of my personal preferences for jazzing them up outside of cowboy work are layering on necklaces & squash blossoms, using found objects & pins on the knots, & even finding unique pieces to wear as slides – leather, conchos, oversized rings & belt buckles (yes, you read that right!) serve the purpose! Read more on ways to wear here… “Wild Stylin’: Embellishing Wild Rags”

The perfect touch to any cowboy’s or cowgal’s or fashionista’s attire, Wild Rags represent a rich heritage that has stood the test of time. Several folks make them, all with their own unique signatures. My favorite though, a dear friend & feisty maker – Sharon of Buck Wild Rags! As part of the “Grit & Glam Inspired” series, I chat with talented ladies in the western fashion & lifestyle industry – ladies who know how to work hard & look good doing it; who cherish our cowboy culture & the way of life it brings; who are really excelling in their fields of creativity! Follow along here as we chat about Miss Sharon & the brand she has built!

Tell us a little bit about your business…

I started my business on a whim back in 2010. At the time, I thought I wanted to be a registered nurse so I had decided to go back to school to pursue a degree. While in Nursing school, I had a bit of a revelation & realized that my children & my husband still needed me at home (my kids were still in grade school & High School). I decided to quit school & once again stay at home BUT it was not working for me as Nursing school is extremely fast-paced. My daughter suggested that I start sewing wild rags AGAIN (as this was something I did when my children were small) for a benefit ranch rodeo that my kids were participating in – so I gave it a try & had a booth. I had zero business experience & really only did it to save me from insanity. I had no plans on becoming a business woman but so many people in the cowboy culture were really excited that someone was willing to help remind others of what the cowboy way was all about. Some of my very favorite humans are cowboys & cowgirls. I count so many of them as not only friends but family as well. I actually just got off the phone with a cowboy-mentor-bit maker FRIEND today. He is in his 80’s & is dying of cancer. He called me to say his goodbyes & it just about killed me. He has a very special place in my heart because he has been such a friend, too. He said I was a pretty cool “chick”- I told him it was a pleasure to know him & that I would see him on the other side. If not for my business & the people I have the pleasure of meeting I would never have known such a noble character. I am truly blessed to say the least. Everyone on this planet should meet one good cowboy- if they haven’t, they don’t know what their missing.

 What a great message! Aside from the blessing of your mentor, who/what inspires you creatively?

My customers & followers are the ones who truly inspire me. Their kind words, gratitude & friendships that have been cultivated through this journey keep me going. I am very fortunate though that I can say I truly LOVE what I do. Not many can say that!

 If you would like folks to know one major thing or a few statements about your business, what would those be?

In this world, you only have ONE thing & that’s your name. If you dirty it or disgrace it, you’ve lost everything. Hold tight to your values & your morals. Never ever lose sight of who’s in charge.

What have been some of your best-sellers, what are some of your personal favorites, & what’s on the horizon for your business?

There are several styles/designs that come to mind as “fan favorites.” One would be “Red Rock” (a beautiful tribal print of earth tone colors); “Shoshone” (green, purple & red tribal print on a stark white background) comes to mind also; & a real favorite “Rambling Rose,” especially with my Rodeo Queens, stunning red roses on white. What’s on the Horizon for Buck Wild? I’d love a signature collection where I design the artwork or perhaps commission an artist or a western maker to do something for me.

What are your plans for 2019 & beyond?

Working on being a vendor at the Pendleton Roundup 2019, possibly Red Steagall’s Poetry Gathering in Fort Worth. Currently working on a high-end product line. Stay tuned!

What would you tell your younger self looking back at how far you have come, & what do you tell yourself now looking toward the future?

 I would tell my younger self to take school more seriously than I actually did. My future self: slow down & never take for granted what you have for in an instant – it could all disappear. Love harder & Hug longer.

In closing, if there’s anything else you would like to share…

All things are possible with Christ Jesus. To God be all the Glory! 


What an amazing chat! Many Thanks to Sharon for taking the time to let us in on the behind the scenes of her Buck Wild Rags brand. It’s so much fun to work with this lady & to watch her make her mark on the industry while embracing the cowboy culture roots & progression of western fashionistas.

Click the video for a better glimpse at sweet Sharon & Buck Wild Rags!

That wraps it up for now friends! Be sure to check out Buck Wild Rags – made for cowboys & cowgals & a lasting staple in any western wardrobe!

AND here’s how to keep up with it all on social media!!!

Buck Wild Rags on Instagram @buckwild_custom_wildrags – on Facebook as “Buck Wild Custom Wild Rags” – & shop on the website

Don’t forget to keep up with my social media, too, by following @kenziegk on Instagram & “Roots Run Deep, Mackenzie Kimbro” on Facebook!

*Also, here’s the link that will take you to the original “Grit, Glam & Grace: The Modern Cowgirl” post, which is where this Grit & Glam Inspired series began!

Thanks y’all!!! 💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends and rockin fashion,

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media & SHOPPING links in the above text, makes life easier to just click & instantly see what this great company is all about!
Photos courtesy of Sharon Buys, Buck Wild Rags & Angelina Cornidez, Angelina’s Photography – Douglas, AZ
Cinematography credit goes to Salty Roan Productions! Thanks Bart, for trekking all over NFR 2018 with me to get these amazing features!

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