Wild Stylin’: Embellishing Wild Rags

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Wild Rags are a long loved staple of the cowboy culture, & new patterns & ways to style have brought them to light in the fashion scene too! Fully embracing the hundreds of ways to accessorize with a wild rag, whether you’re dressing for work or play, is the first step to adding extra zest and personality to your look. You can tie them all different ways, you can mix & match colors & patterns for a monochromatic or complimentary or even zany combination, & you can use your favorite jewels to add an extra element of beauty to these fun pieces of cowboy ware!

Which brings me to the point of the story here… Today’s post is all about adding some extra spice to your wild rag! It’s easier than you think! Scroll on to see some of my favorite ways…

First up, the simplest way to quickly add a layered affect & some bling! I love layering necklaces on my wild rags, especially on solid silk, because that gives your favorite necklaces a real showcase to shine! They stand out from your outfit to grab some attention & get noticed!

Taking it a step further, two of my most frequently used & most frequently asked about tactics… Slides. Another easy option that adds some structure to the wild rag but also adds charm! You can find all kinds of slides, including the popular conchos & tooled leather pieces. One of the coolest tips I can give you though – don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! I love looking for unique finds in my travels, & have come across some really beautiful rings & belt buckles through the years. BOOM. New idea for your collection of slides!

Really beautiful over-sized statement rings make for some really beautiful adornments!

Belt Buckles that are too pretty not to be seen find a new home as wild rag slides!

And taking it even a step FURTHER, beyond just layering with necklaces OR buckles… Add BOTH! *swoon*

Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Fold the wild rag in half on the diagonal, put it around your neck so the tails are forward, & slide the buckle or ring up to about the middle. Take the ends & tie your knot, then just nestle the buckle or ring right above the knot!

Rounding out the tips I have for this post is one of the most unique & fun ideas yet… I have a personal love for rich history (as if you may not have already picked up on that if you’ve followed my adventures for a while!)… I love the cowboy culture, I love the western heritage, I really love the southwest & what it has to offer in so many aspects, including the history of our turquoise & silver jewelry. In recent years, I’ve expanded that appreciation beyond my favorite squash blossoms etc & now have an affinity for unique pins… So many ideas for their re-purposing in my wardrobe, which I’m sure I’ll cover at a later date… But today, I bring my final tip for this post – Find some fun pins & let the statement makers stand alone or cluster some smaller beauties into a collage. Simply run the pin through the knot of your wild rag & be prepared to have yourself a conversation starter in the finished look!

Layering necklaces, unique slides & pins, oh my! I hope this post has given you some inspiration for ways to jazz up your wild rags with your favorite uniquely beautiful adornments!

Till next time friends…

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**Photography Credit (and major thanks) to the talented Angelina Cornidez of Angelina’s Photography in Douglas, AZ.

P.S. Check out the social media & shopping links below, makes life easier to just click & instantly see where these pieces came from!

Buck Wild Rags: on Instagram @buckwild_custom_wildrags, on Facebook Buck Wild Custom Wild Rags, & shop their website www.buckwildrags.com

Martineau Rasp Designs (necklaces pictured): on Instagram @raspdesigns, on Facebook Martineau Rasp Designs, & shop their website www.raspdesigns.com

Turquoise pieces, buckles & pins have all been picked up along the way or with the help of friends, including: Cholla’s Turquoise (please send her a message if you are looking for something specific, she is awesome! On IG or Facebook); Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, AZ; Casados Trading Post (specifically the pink coral ring used as a slide in one of the photos). Feel free to comment on this post or send me a message on either IG or Facebook if you have specific questions for me! Thanks for the support friends!

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