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Hey Friends! I am super excited for this post not only because I adore the Woolies brand and style, but also because I truly respect and am proud to call the owner – Alisha – my friend!

As a refresher, this special “Grit & Glam: Inspired” series is all about women who are fiercely unique, know how to work hard and look good doing it, and have built amazing brands. (See the end of this post for the link to the post this whole series stems from!). Alisha is a special kind of person who obviously encompasses all of the above, but is also a kind heart and stylish Boss Lady! Naturally, Alisha and Woolies needed to be a feature in this series!

Let’s dive right in and hear from Alisha on the finer details that Woolies is known for! 


Tell us a little bit about y’all and the Woolies brand…

Woolies Quality Clothiers is simply an embodiment of the lifestyle I chose to love and live. Over the years that I have owned Woolies, I noticed a major gap in the marketplace when it came to Western fashion that was both functional and fashionable. As a woman who, at the time, spent my weekdays in the corporate world and her weekends and evenings helping my husband on the ranch &/or showing horses, I was on the hunt for fashions that were versatile enough to fit all the hats I wore. I was so over having different pieces for all the different aspects of my life.

Woolies Quality Clothier started out as a very small side gig simply because I could not find the style of clothing I preferred locally when I lived in Utah. Thinking back to those early days, I really don’t know how I did it all. I was in my mid-20s working full-time, going to Graduate school full-time, showing my reining horse nearly full-time, navigating a long distance relationship, and building a dream little by little. But here we are now, and I am able to build this dream full time…well full time in between chasing an 18-month-old around.

From Alisha: “APHA World Show win photo on the BEST HORSE EVER, Zumbar Rojo”

Who/what inspires you – personally, professionally and otherwise?

When buying for Woolies, my biggest inspiration comes from day-to-day life on the ranch or the life of a weekend horse show/rodeo warrior. I have spent my entire life showing horses, and I am now fortunate to be a rancher/horse trainer’s wife. While I don’t work in the corporate world anymore, I got really over the thought of having to have multiple wardrobes: one for the office, one for rodeos/horse shows, one for working on the ranch, and one for going out. While a few of our pieces will be a little fancier than most would wear while working cattle, my goal is to create a collection of functional and fashionable threads that fit just about any situation the Western person may find themselves in.

In day-to-day life if I hit a slump whether personally or professionally, there is always one thing that can up my spirits – a ride on one of my favorite horses. Riding and showing horses has always been my escape. Due to my current season of life, I haven’t shown in five years but I have plans to change that in 2019. Either way, a ride on a good horse always makes my day.

Baby Girl Collins riding with Momma Alisha

If you would like potential customers to know one major thing or a few statements about your business, what would those be?

Woolies Quality Clothier is a one-woman show with big dreams. Every order that comes through still feels like the first. I personally fulfill and ship every order, often times with the help of my 18-month-old daughter, and I love every minute of what I get to do. I love making all women feel beautiful, confident, and able in the clothing they chose. When you shop at Woolies, you are supporting a dream and a family of agriculture.

Alisha and Collins in the Woolies Booth – NFR 2017

What have been some of your best-sellers, what are some of your personal favorites, and what’s on the horizon for your business?

Year after year, our best seller continues to be the Telluride dress, which also happens to be one of my personal favorites. I think it continues to hold that title for good reason: denim and embroidery are never wrong, especially as a dress/duster. Each fall, the Telluride gets an updated look featuring embroidery in the current season’s palette. And let me tell you, it’s almost unheard of to get this much embroidery for less than $100.

Additionally, our wool ponchos, wraps and jackets are always a hit. We started carrying these three years ago, and every year our customers love them. My favorite thing about them is they are not only USA made, but they are made five minutes from parent’s home where I grew up. Talk about keeping it local!

I can’t miss Kimes Ranch jeans. Kimes Ranch jeans have been a staple at Woolies Quality Clothier since 2011. Yes, seven years…probably long before most of you have even heard of the company. I still own and wear a pair from the early days. Kimes Ranch jeans fit all occasions, and most importantly, they last! I don’t sell anything at Woolies that either my husband or I don’t personally believe in. We both only own Kimes Ranch jeans.


What are your plans for NFR 2018 (including booth or event locations, special guests, new product launches, special promotions on pieces, etc)?

Once again you can find Woolies at the CINCH Western Gift Show at the South Point in aisle 900 as part of the World Series of Roping. We have lots of exciting things up our sleeves, including pop-up shops with Long X Trading Co and Kanaine Shop. Long X will be with Woolies for the entire show, and they will have a ton of in-stock, ready to purchase pieces and will also be taking custom orders. This is our first year doing a pop up with Kanaine Shop, and we are so excited. You can find her fabulous creations in our booth December 13-15. In addition, we will have a great selection of both men’s and women’s clothing with the addition of clothing for the littlest cowpunchers too.

And wine, did I mention wine? We always have chilled wine and beer and love catching up with old friends and making new ones, so swing by!

24909946_10155329951384891_486357925368362893_n (1)
“The tribe that makes NFR happen. L to R: my mom, Susan; friend/help, Sammy Barbour; my baby girl, Collins; me; my sister, Adriane; and friend/help, Amber”
12-8-17 Boutique Hub-96
Woolies Booth – NFR 2017

What would you tell your younger self looking back at how far you have come, and what do you tell yourself now looking toward the future?

For our 2018 NFR campaign, Woolies has adopted the slogan, “In a world full of trends, be a classic.” I would tell myself exactly that! Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Find your groove, do your thing, and people will take note. I follow nearly zero boutiques or Western shops on social media for only one reason: I don’t want to be influenced by what others are doing. I am proud of everything I have built little by little, and I am most flattered when customers tell me how classy and timeless our pieces are.


What an amazing chat! Big Thanks to Alisha for taking the time to let us in on the behind the scenes of the Woolies Quality Clothier brand. It is truly incredible to watch this gal take the world by storm with her unique twists on classic staples, helping cowboys, cowgirls and little bitty cowpunchers to jazz up their western wardrobe!

Click here to watch a quick video about the style of Woolies….

As I’m sure you’ve picked up by now… I adore the brand and the gal behind it, so I wanted to collaborate for more than this feature! Here’s a few of my favorite photos showcasing 2 amazing Woolies products…

THE WIMBERLY VELVET, styled 2 ways






That wraps it up for now friends! Be sure to check out Woolies Quality Clothier for all of your western way of life clothing needs, you won’t be disappointed in the selection and quality! 

AND here’s how to keep up with it all on social media!!!

Woolies Quality Clothier on Instagram @wearwoolies – on Facebook as “Woolies Quality Clothier” – and Pro Tip, there’s a Woolies Insider VIP Group with special deals!

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*Also, here’s the link I mentioned above that will take you to the original “Grit, Glam & Grace: The Modern Cowgirl” post, which is where this Grit & Glam Inspired series began!

Thanks y’all!!! 💜🌵💜

Here’s to good friends and rockin fashion,


P.S. Be sure to look for those social media and SHOPPING links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what this great company is all about!

*Photos courtesy of Alisha Smith Kurtz, Woolies Quality Clothier*

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