Fashionable Finds: Jewels

Welcome in for post numero tres in the Fashionable Finds series! This time I’m featuring folks who sell vintage treasures, as well as folks who are current craftsmen and artisans. One thing’s for sure… If you’re looking for some BEAUTIFUL jewelry, you’ve come to the right place!


Starting with Vintage, Native American-type finds… Here’s who you’ll want to talk to:

Heritage Style

“Where Native American Heritage Meets Texan Style.”

Instagram:, Website:

Grit & Glam Inspired series feature – click here!


Cholla’s Turquoise

Bringing vintage finds and new original designs by Cholla herself!

Instagram: @chollas_turquoise

Grit & Glam Inspired series feature – click here!


Kotah Bear

“Handmade beauty by Navajo & Pueblo artisans. stay authentic ↠ buy native”

Instagram: @kotah.bear, Website:


Dakota Sky Stone

“Family owned, 4 generations of Turquoise stores with Native American jewelry, art and we also feature local Artist and Wine.”

Instagram: @dakotaskystone, Website:




And now heading to the current craftsmen who work with silver, stones and more:

Turquoise & Teepees

“Trendy pieces for everyday wear”

Instagram: @turquoisenteepees, Website:


Martineau Rasp Designs

“Custom Rasp Jewelry, Spurs & Buckles; Cuff Bracelets, Bangle Bracelets, Pendants, & Earrings”

Instagram: @raspdesignscustomjewelry, FB: Martineau Rasp Designs


Eve West

” ➳ Handmade Purposeful Accessories Designed by makeup artist, Evelynda Reyes, Con mi Corazon & pieces of my Soul. Created to Inspire You & Style You.➳Fashion with Purpose + Style and Substance. For Example: The Design of  “Follow your Arrow” was designed as a reminder to follow your instincts, follow your heart desires, your own happiness within.”

Instagram: @evewest7, Website:


Wild Buffalo Silver

A unique and delicate twist on silversmithing

Instagram: @wildbuffalosilver, Website:



Until next time… Here’s hoping your days are full of fun, friends and a fashionable flair, and that now you may know the folks to help get you there!


P.S. Be sure to look for those social media links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what I’m talking about! And while you’re at it clicking away, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @kenziegk and on my “Accessorize EVERYTHING” Pinterest board for lots of outfit inspiration!

P.P.S. For collaborations or other direct correspondence, please email me at Thanks!!

*A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people in this series who allowed me to include their names and photos!! I really appreciate how great you all are to work with!*

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  1. Thanks for the tips Kate & Zane! I know I could do this with a bigger needle with a bigger eye! Appreciate it!


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