Grit & Glam Inspired: CHOLLA’S TURQUOISE

There’s nothing like the feeling of wearing an outfit that you just feel AH-MA-ZING in! A big part of putting those outfits together, and quite honestly the part that I think is the most fun, is AcCeSsOrIzInG! Y’all know I love me some (or tons) of turquoise… And I love Native American jewelry… And I really love supporting small businesses and FIERCE women who are trying to promote the western lifestyle or make a name for themselves or build a business in the world of western fashion.

As you may have noticed, this “Grit & Glam Inspired” special series has had a pretty great inclusion of turquoise and jewelry… So, guess what? Here’s another post with what else, TuRqUoIsE! I don’t think a gal can have too many places to shop for awesome goodies of that nature, do you? No? Perfect!

Because let’s be real here… The love of all things western lifestyle is strong… The search for the perfect elements of clothing/jewelry/shoes/whatever to fit in a wardrobe that will make things personal is endless…And the help of good people to find gorgeous pieces that make every woman feel confident and rock whatever she’s wearing is priceless!

That’s all part of the cornerstone of my “Grit & Glam Inspired” series… I love that there are so many strong, passionate women out there in the world today! These women should  be able to live and breathe the western life they love with grit AND glam. I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite things and favorite small businesses that everyone should check out, inspired by a zest for living life to the fullest and looking good while doing it!!

For more of a backstory on why I am INSPIRED by these featured businesses, check out my post “Grit, Glam & Grace: The Modern Cowgirl.”

So now to the main event for this post… Here’s a bit about Cholla’s Turquoise, owner Cholla Terry!

(L) Lydia Begay Massive Squash & (R) JW Multicolored Squash, both are pieces I purchased from Cholla’s Turquoise!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hello, my name is Cholla Terry (Cholla is a type of cactus and pronounced Chōl-yuh). I am the owner of “Cholla’s Turquoise” and I deal in mostly vintage Native American made jewelry! I started out in a small showcase in my family’s General Store where we carried many retro items, like 1950/1960’s reproduction, U.S.A. made, western toy Cap Guns (that my family makes and you can see on, cowboy antiques, retro toys, Turquoise Jewelry, and many other things! Now we each run our businesses exclusively online!

What inspires you?

When designing jewelry I like to look back on the older pieces, especially the Tourist or Harvey Era jewelry for inspiration and then add my own twist! I like to study Cowboy lifestyle and Native American culture and use that for influence as well!

Jewelry from Cholla’s Turquoise, Bag from Rail Three Ranch

What would you most like people to know about Cholla’s Turquoise?

I strive to have quality products, for the best prices, and great customer service!

What have been some of your most popular items?

My best seller and one of my favorite items is Squash Blossoms! I have such a hard time not keeping them all, haha! I really love all Native American made jewelry because each piece is beautifully handcrafted, and each stone is different, so no two pieces are exactly alike! Also they are items made in America and I try to buy american made when possible! I also enjoy redoing vintage hats with my original shapes and bringing new life to them!


What is on your horizon?

I currently am working on expanding my business In a few different ways. I just teamed up with @Copperstatecowgirl (a very talented artist) and launched a line of jewelry I designed! I am so excited to see my designs come to life! Who knows what’s next?!?

Cholla’s Original Designs

And lastly, what would you tell your younger self looking back at how far you have come, and what do you tell yourself now looking toward the future?

Be persistent! It may be hard and take time for something to succeed, might even seem like it’ll never happen, but it will, and it’ll be worth it to have a job you love! Looking back and looking forward I’d say, Trust in God in all things in your life and you’ll always be exactly where you need to be!

Special Note from Cholla: “Thank you so much Mackenzie for interviewing me for your wonderful blog!” 


Thanks so much to Cholla for chatting with me about her business, y’all really need to check it out!! As I always say, Thank God for cowboys, TURQUOISE and fringe!

AND here’s how to keep up with it all on social media!!!

Cholla’s Turquoise on Instagram @chollas_turquoise – on Facebook as “Cholla’s Turquoise”.

Don’t forget to keep up with my social media, too, by following @kenziegk and @colablancaproductionsllc on Instagram!

Thanks y’all!!! 💜🌵💜
Here’s to good friends and rockin fashion,


P.S. Be sure to look for those social media links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what this great company is all about!

*Photos courtesy of Cholla Terry, owner Cholla’s Turquoise*

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  1. Glenda Plane Curry says:

    Love it! Mr. James Curry can shop for me anytime with you:):)


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