Fashionable Finds: Graphic Tees

High Five! Are you ready to dive right in to the fifth post of this wonderful Fashionable Finds series? Me too!

Today we’re talkin about talented people with rockin designs, particularly in the way of gRaPhIc TeEs!


Crazy Consuela

“A Brand for the Unbridled”

Instagram: @crazyconsuela, Website:


Western & Co

“Crazy cool vintage inspired graphic tees curated in 🇺🇸”

Instagram: @westernandco, Website:


Quarter Circle Eleven

Original designs by Pecas Sonora Beebe, co-owner of Rail Three Ranch and Fashionable Follows featured gal

Instagram: @quartercircleeleven

*Tip: The Beebe’s (Sammi Jo and Pecas) are owners of this wonderful line, as well as Rail Three Ranch, which was previously featured in this series and in the Grit & Glam Inspired series! Wonderful gals!*


Lazy J Ranch Wear

Home of the ORIGINAL Hereford squash blossom shirt

Instagram: @lazyjranchwear, Website:


Rosebud’s Tees

“Graphic tees . Original designs. Home of #coffeethencows And the Hippie Cow”

Instagram: @rosebudstees, Website:


Ali Dee

“We are the dreamers, the do-ers, the trailblazers, and the go getters. Free-spirited fashion created by Ali Dee.”

Instagram: @shopalidee, Website:


LHTX by Leigh J Hajovsky

“LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky and our other lines have a carefree, handcrafted appeal that is also easy to wear which resonates with today’s busy, multi-tasking dames, dudes, mamas & misfits. Add in the GO TEXAN certified pride & attitude and you’ve got fabulous apparel designed in a variety of styles from the most laid back, casual festival gear to “mid-to-better” tunics and separates worthy of more than just date night.”

Instagram: @lhtxbyleighkhajovsky, Website:


The Coyote Cowgirl

Designs by fashionista Sarah Jo Otto

Instagram: @the_coyote_cowgirl


ATX Mafia

These tees are all about grace, love and good times (and hunting!)

Instagram: @atxmafia, Website:


And of course, because we all love their kimonos and such so much….

Turquoise Haven

Be on the lookout for their pieces stocked in your favorite boutiques!

Instagram: @turquoisehaven



Until next time… Here’s hoping your days are full of fun, friends and a fashionable flair, and that now you may know the folks to help get you there!


P.S. Be sure to look for those social media links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what I’m talking about! And while you’re at it clicking away, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @kenziegk and on my “Accessorize EVERYTHING” Pinterest board for lots of outfit inspiration!

P.P.S. For collaborations or other direct correspondence, please email me at Thanks!!

*A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people in this series who allowed me to include their names and photos!! I really appreciate how great you all are to work with!*

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