2017 Trends: My Take on Western Fashion

Happy New Year! I know, I’m a little late to that party, but nevertheless it’s 2017 and that means we are in full swing of “new” lists… new ways to live a happier and/or healthier and/or more productive (etc.) life this year… AND we are in the midst of new trends emerging, my personal favorite being the new looks coming in for 2017 style. Fashion weeks will be starting soon and my oh my there have been some amazing previews so far!
With that being said, and my love for fashionable finds, I wanted to put together a post here that outlines not necessarily what I think will definitely be popular or trendy, but more so what I would LOVE to see in those trends! *Now would be a super good time for you to go scroll through my Pinterest board-Accessorize EVERYTHING! Click here to go straight over, then mosey on through this post with a better idea of what I ramble about!*

Quote by Betsey Johnson

Before we dive in, let’s take a minute to appreciate the classics. The staples. The things that I hope never die out and will forever be somehow incorporated in everyone’s wardrobes.

Denim. I mean really, light or dark wash, starched or skinny, flares or boyfriend style, jackets, blouses, jeans, shirts, skirts, whatever… Denim for days and that’s how it should be!
Good turquoise and sterling silver. Can’t beat quality, and I suggest people look for it and get to know what they’re looking at before investing in these pieces. Personally, I’m a turquoise over diamonds kinda gal (love me the bling, too, though) and I love every bit of it. As far as trends go, squash blossoms have been popular recently (and will forever be Queen Bees in my heart), but a good cluster cuff and some nice rings can easily be integrated into ANY outfit!
Fur. Always a background staple, I think furs will be coming to the forefront this year and quality should not be overlooked. Noted, I have faux fur in my closet and rock it just as much, but a high quality fur (jacket, coat, vest, scarf, whatever) should be on your wishlist and hopefully makes its way into your wardrobe this year.
Velvet. I’ll get into this again in a minute, but as trends come and go I love that velvet always makes its way back into the scene sometime and somehow.
Leather. Another thing I’ll go deeper into in a bit, but leather pieces and accents have always held a special place in my heart and almost always are seen somewhere in a trendy ensemble.


Now moving toward a few things I think are definitely here to stay, fads that were popular last year and I hope will be sticking around a while longer….

Suede. Nuff said.
Flare jeans and bell bottom pants. Because retro has made a comeback and I love every bit of what I’ve seen so far.
Crushed Velvet. LOVE how colors just look so rich and deep in this texture, especially when rocked in jackets or bell bottoms.
Fringe. I foresee (and am keeping my fingers crossed) that fringe will get longer this year, on clutches, belts, and other bags and accessories, and that fringe adorning jackets gets a little bit longer too (not drastically, just a bit).
Graphic Tees. They were hot in 2016 and I love how VERSATILE they are, going from a casual daytime outfit to being layered up under a blazer or leather jacket (or crushed velvet blazer!) for a funky nighttime look. I’ve seen some newly released designs by a few of my favorite companies and I am absolutely sure that the tee game will be stepped up from how great it was last year to be so awesome this time around. And another side note… There is a fun sketched tee by Lazy J Ranchwear that has a Hereford cow wearing a squash blossom… I need to get on that and put it in my closet ASAP! So cute!
Booties. I love ‘em, I’ve seen lots of ladies style them differently, and I don’t think we’re near the end of this trend. (Plus, there are so many different styles to choose from!!!)
Chokers and Bolos. Both have been hot topic items lately, with so many different styles and widths of chokers to choose from and so many fun and funky bolos that are great for layering with other pieces.
Lace up tops. Many ladies have been rockin tops or bodysuits with a lace up detail in the neckline, and I think I’d like to see more variations of lace up tops in this year’s trending outfits.
Hats. Cowboy hats are classic, of course, and will never go out of style. However, the fashion hats have made an emergence and I am loving it. Last year it seemed floppy hats were a big hit, and this year I think they’ll still be pretty popular (especially in the spring and summer months). I’d like to see people adding a bit more of their personal style into their hat choices, either by getting a special hat custom made or finding a hat that you love and jazzing it up with unique pins or a good band or something of that sort. Another thing I kind of think is going to happen in the hat world this year will be shorter brimmed straw hats, or “shorties,” and hopefully that retro taller crown along with those brims (which don’t look good on everybody but look AMAZING on many! And on that note… I hope some wider hat bands come into play, too!).
Cheetah and/or leopard print. I love this pattern and consider it a neutral… don’t you?
Stripes. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of those bold stripe patterns, particularly thinking about thin striped long sleeve button up shirts at one end of the spectrum and those Beetlejuice-looking Bells (notably by Wild Bleu-click to see what I’m talking about here-and make sure you follow them on Instagram and Pinterest!!! Talk about style inspo!).
Plaid. Some of it, done tastefully and in small doses. I’m not a huge plaid fan but I like the way it styles with certain outfits.

Photo Jan 11, 9 40 27 PM.png
Quote by Coco Chanel

Now moving toward things I would really love to see EVOLVE on the scene in 2017….

Denim. I know I already talked about it in the classics section above, but denim merits multiple mentions… Personally, I hope we see some serious Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) action this year. People putting their own flare (no pun intended, I promise) on denim and making it work for their styles. (Have I said denim enough? Probably not….).
Leather. As far as tooled and stamped leather goes, I think quality craftsmanship is going to continue booming as the year goes on with so many talented workers out there. Personally, I am in love with my stamped leather Anderson Bean boots and tooled leather accents on a few of my purses and clutches. Also crushing on braided leather jewelry and accents!
Leather. Yes, mentioning it again. At the NFR I saw some really cool takes on it, including stitched on wide shirt collars! Gorgeous! I also think leather skirts and jackets would be awesome to see brought to life in the mainstream.
Leather. One more time! Talking here about those fabulous wide width belts, really loving the look of those with and without the extra-long fringe (going to have to get one of those with the longer fringe in my closet soon!). And lastly, I think leather-strewn jewelry is here to stay, from cuffs to accented necklaces to earrings, etc.
Metallic Cowhide. I’ve seen bits and pieces through the past few years but I am majorly pulling for it to break into western fashion on a bigger stage this year. I myself have some amazing pieces from Rail Three Ranch that are metallic cowhide and I am in love with them!! I also go ga-ga over the stunning work of Whiskey Lee Designs in their larger metallic flecked cowhide and fringe clutches. *swoon*
Wild Rags. They may seem punchy to some but there is no denying that wild rags of all colors and patterns and fabrics are going to be super trendy this year. And, I am SO excited about it!!! And… They aren’t just stylish and functional neckwear… They look so darn cool tied on bags, too!
Classic button up long sleeve shirts. Yes, you read that right. I’m thinkin that 2017 is going to see a lot of revamped shirts, made into off the shoulder blouses, and I can’t wait to see that trend take hold. Get into the back of your closets or into your momma’s and daddy’s closets and pull out those retro pieces and do some seamstress-ing, and you’ll be sure to have a unique piece with a story and style! Click here for an outfit inspo by Southern Sass Hippie.
Boot Rugs. I have always loved certain styles of these babies (and with all the different colors and styles to choose from, who wouldn’t have a few faves?!). We saw a few worn amazing-ly last year. They can go with cute shorter dresses/skirts and of course over jeans. Fingers crossed that trendsetters will start to incorporate them into their outfits more and that ladies will love to style them in a classy and sassy way!
Lace. I feel like lacey tops, skirts short and long, and even jeans and jackets with lace accents would be welcomed by many. Lace is elegant and pairs well with many different styles, from retro to high fashion, chic to rocker chick.
Big flowy skirts. Personally, I love the look of long full flowy skirts in solid colors or patterns. I love that prairie vibe, mixed with denim or any of today’s trends.
Midi-length pleated skirts. Especially in the spring months, I really like the look of those skirts with floral patterns to them and even the tulle ones! Again, paired with many of today’s trendy western styles and pieces, these skirts could make for some really cool looks.
Dusters. 2016 was big on kimonos and we started to see some really cool dusters, so I hope 2017 brings about more awesome long flowy looks for those who like to add a little boho (floral prints) and/or old west (more classic patterns/colors) to their styles. I would love to see really long dusters and longer yet slightly fitted blazers, but I think in the next few years jackets are going to go short again (just my opinion… NOT wishful thinking!). Ralph Lauren had a longer coat that looks kinda like those vintage floral and yoke patterned cowboy shirts, and I’m kinda diggin’ it!
Florals. I am a big fan of tastefully done florals for any season, and am keeping my fingers crossed for some sunflowers in the summer and fall designs that come about this year.
Buckstitching. It’s all in the details for me and I would really appreciate more emphasis put on quality buckstiching in many pieces, from jackets to clutches and other leather goods. I bought a cowhide clutch from a place called Re-Ride Stories during the World Series of Team Roping in Vegas, and I absolutely love it and have gotten so many compliments on it. And guess what… The top is made from an old boot top (also something I hope trends this year as accents on bags and clutches!) and a very prominent and unifying detail is classic large buckstitching.
South of the Border inspired pieces. 2016 showed some favor to serape patterns and embroidered peasant-type tops, and I think those two elements will continue to be incorporated this year. I also think there is an often overlooked option of adding a poncho or oversized blanket shall in a muted southwestern pattern/color scheme in many outfits, especially in those colder months.
Over the knee boots. I feel like they were worn hot and heavy at NFR 2016, but I think they look amazing and will probably stick around for a while longer (but probably just in the winter months!).
Beaded Accents. I love the intricacy that goes into beaded works, and I see them faring pretty well this year, whether the beaded accents appear in belts, on bags and clutches, and/or in jewelry and on denim shirts and other jackets.
Embroidered Denim. It has been mentioned by quite a few that this year we will see embroidered denim. Personally, I look forward to that as long as it’s done tastefully and simply. However, I also think seeing patches on denim tops and jackets would be really cool, as well as leather pieces and some of those beaded details (including beaded patches!).
Clutches. I love a good clutch, and I love seeing all of the different style and options there are out there!! Besides also being a fan of big bags for days when I need to carry a laptop or books, clutches are definitely a go-to for me and I’ve seen some really awesome artists emerge in 2016 that I feel confident in thinking 2017 will prove to be another year of trendy clutches.





Besides everything I’ve talked about so far, I also wanted to share a few tidbits on other aspects of western fashion I am focusing on right now

Favorite colors. I know fall is over but some of my favorite colors continue to be deep wine/maroon, blues, browns, any colors that are really true to what they are (which may not make sense to you, but I’m thinking about how truly gorgeous a color is when it’s used in the right textile, like a deep wine color or silky smooth steely gray satin blouse or suede-type mustard bells, a deep blue velvet blazer and true chocolate brown just about anything.). And, for some odd reason, the back of my mind has khaki and corduroy as being colors/textiles that will emerge this year or soon after…. Not sure why I’m thinkin that, but I put it out there anyway! And heads up… I’ve heard lots of talk of pinks making their way into the western fashion scene this year, which should make for some very interesting takes on the matter! I am not a huge fan of pink but I have gradually been and plan to keep steadily incorporating small subtle pieces in various shades of pink into my closet (admittedly mostly in the form of wild rags and flower scarf ties-photos coming soon!).
Satin. I think satin is sleek and elevates an outfit when used appropriately. A good satin blouse can make an outfit look that much better and is pretty darn versatile as far as styling goes.
Layering. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again. I layer EVERYTHING, from my tops to my necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. Adding a scarf draped around your shoulders or artfully tyed loosely around your neck adds another layer that is too often overlooked. Work with your various pieces of clothing and accessories and layer them up to bring about new outfits.
Cowboy Boots. May seem basic and you’re probably thinking, “Well of course you like cowboy boots, you’re a rancher!” I just want to say that it was a struggle for me for many years to find boots that fit my feet and were also stylish. Well folks, I have found a few really awesome sources in the past 2 years and I have settled into loving my moderately-to-wide-square toed boots. I’ve got a black caimen belly pair by Ferrini that stole my heart early (since they were on sale!), as well as a stunning and so fun stamped leather pair by Anderson Bean (I’ll sure be sad when that pair wears out someday!). And here’s a not-so-secret… I wear men’s boots because I have yet to find a pair of women’s boots that fit and are comfy for my feet, and there’s some really great feeling and looking boots in the men’s lines!
Sequins and things that sparkle. Sparkly things get mixed reviews, but I think they’re great when done right. Sequin maxis and bells were definitely trending this year at NFR and I don’t think that’s quite over, but personally I love most things that sparkle and I say if you love it then wear it, as long as its tasteful. In my closet right now are a few sequin maxis, sequin-detailed pencil skirts, a few sequin jackets, and a shimmery blouse or two.
Vintage. Love all things vintage and cowboy, and am so glad they have been making a comeback in the current trendy western fashion scene. Vintage patterns are also making a comeback, think about what you saw in the movies Pure Country and 8 Seconds! Plus, shopping thrift stores and parent’s closets for those vintage vibe finds doesn’t hurt the bank account too much!
Feathers. I have always been a fan of feathers, weather they adorn pieces in real life or are tooled onto leather items. I would like to see some folks rocking feathery accents in 2017!
Concho Belts and concho-adorned jewelry. I love a good concho belt and have seen really cool jewelry designs with conchos in the past year. Talking about plain silver with engraved details or some of the fancier stuff with inlaid stones, either way you can’t beat these beautiful bits of western heritage.
Studs. I really appreciate the craftsmanship associated with creating studded leather jackets or accessories, such as the iconic pieces from Coulee Creek or Double D Ranchwear. That little bit of edgy-ness can spice up any outfit, from the smallest studded details to the larger studded statement pieces.
Jumpsuits. Although I have yet to wear one, I love the sleek look that women rocking jumpsuits have! Maybe 2017 will be my year to find one that fits right (stay tuned for that!).
Natural Fibers and Earthy Textiles. Your furs, cottons, linens/cloth, hair-on cowhides, leathers and suedes, etc. There’s something to be said about natural materials used all the way from basic to dressy duds. I even like some fabrics that look dusty, especially when it comes to pastels. Muted colors or deeply saturated colors tend to pull my attention, aside from the sassy pops of color and wilder patterns that are littered throughout my wardrobe. The beauty of such diversity is that mixing and matching pieces makes for creating some pretty cool outfits!
Ruffles. I kind of have an affliction for some ruffles… not a whole bunch, but I am kind of drawn to a funky ruffled skirt or even some ruffled pants (like the ones Mkenzee Renae is wearing in that photo above). Big plain ruffle accents on off the shoulder tops are also pretty neat, but too many ruffles can be unflattering so I have not yet ventured into this territory but plan to do so this year! Here’s Southern Sass Hippie’s outfit inspo again!
– And lastly, Aztec Prints and Pendleton-type coats and bags. I lean toward the classier looking patterns and color variations because they tend to go with more outfits than some of the louder pieces. But don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good statement piece too!

Quote by Ashley Alderson, The Boutique Hub, in her interview with Tara Trask on Radio Stylish podcast

Whew… That was a lot to digest… BUT now that those predictions are out of the way, I want to share just a few tips I have and things I am going to aim to do in 2017…
– Based on the whole wild rag trend, I’m going to try getting into knot tying and looking for unique slides, maybe even making some of my own! I know Rail Three Ranch has some awesome ties (can’t wait to rock the ones I got from them!). If you are a crafty person, then rummage through the old jewelry bins at a thrift store, get some pins or feathers or chips of antlers or felt scraps, hot glue those pups together and attach some leather to tie your scarf, and you’re set! Remember to be creative!
– With all that is trending and many things starting to look the same, I would say 2017 is going to be a year of personalization. Step outside the box after being inspired by other’s styles and add personal touches to certain pieces in your wardrobe- old family belt buckles on purses or simply wearing them, shopping your momma’s and daddy’s closets (especially for some of those retro button ups!), etc. Shop vintage, love vintage, and embrace the fact that vintage-inspired is very popular right now and I hope continues to be in the future.
– Noted above but making a point to try this out this year… Talk to your favorite wild rag makers and ask them to make you a smaller rag that can be used as a hatband! I know my gal pal over at Buck Wild Custom Wild Rags has started making these, and they were spotted on some Warbonnet hats in Vegas… Can’t wait to try some on my new Warbonnet hat and maybe even my trusty cowboyin’ felt hat!
Support small businesses (keep up with some of my favorites by following me on Instagram and staying tuned here on the blog for my Grit & Glam Inspired series!). There’s nothing better than being able to talk to the owners or designers or craftsmen and shop their products, build a relationship and work together to get some really awesome stuff!

Trends come and go by creating your own personal style is a wonderful and fun adventure.
No matter what, do your footwork and figure out what styles look good on your body type. Only buy things that you know you’re going to wear, if you don’t absolutely love it in the store then you probably won’t wear it at home.

Be realistic… I am always that gal with the heart eyed emoji face when it comes to these things, but be mindful of your lifestyle and wear what is true to who you are and your personality, and equally as important be mindful of your budget! It is so much more fun to go shopping at a thrift store and get those cool vintage pieces than it is to go somewhere where you really can’t afford anything. Find a happy medium to get those higher fashion and quality pieces, we call that ballin’ on a budget.

It may seem a little scary to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. I know that for me, trying to do this fashion blogging thing is scary as heck, knowing that I am putting myself out there to be judged for the good and the bad…. Trying to create my own unique style… Telling myself (and doing a pretty good job of it) to not let haters or negative people bring me down… I’ve been lucky to not have much backlash since I started this, but let’s be real here… There will always be those people out there who nit-pick. That’s not fair of them, especially since you are doing something for yourself that requires a lot of confidence and self love. You know what though? Boo for them, you do you and have fun and be creative and unique and original and wear whatever you want as long as you feel good in it. And, don’t worry so much about looking exactly like your fashion role models… Put your own spin on things! You’ve got a 50-50 shot, you’ll either hit or you’ll miss, and that’s ok!

Newsflash… Anything worth doing is going to be a little nerve wracking at first, but usually will work out wonderfully in the end! Last spring I had no intentions of becoming a fashion blogger (and I’m just an amateur one at that), but a beautiful woman named Brianna (aka The Bleacher Babe) believed in me enough to put me on her blog and then have me as part of the Bleacher Babe Squad, and the connections and fun I have had since then are just irreplaceable.

In closing here’s my final advice (for this post anyway)…

Be sassy but keep it classy, represent your true self, and make sure that in doing so the people you love are proud to know you. Love yourself and always choose to be confidently beautiful. And of course, don’t forget to smile!


Here’s to good friends and rockin western fashion,

P.S. Be sure to look for those social media links in the above text, makes life easier to just click and instantly see what I’m talking about! And don’t forget to follow my “Accessorize EVERYTHING” board on Pinterest! I promise it’s chock-full of photos of everything in this post-click here to go there now!!!

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