Another Big Weekend Coming Up!

The Super Bowl is over, the Broncos are champs, and there isn’t a jar of wing sauce in sight this week! Instead, there’s hearts and stuffed animals and cutesy cards and boxes of candy/chocolate and flowers and red and pink and all this lovey-dovey stuff flooding the stores… Plus side, anyone out there who isn’t really into all of the hooplah of Valentine’s Day knows right where to go on Monday morning to get really low-priced chocolate!

For those of you who are still trying to figure out what to do for the big weekend ahead, here’s a tip: make comfort food for a laid back dinner, and cook BEEF! (At least, that’s what I will be doing!).

So, what’s on the menu? How about Beef Short Ribs with Pendleton Whiskey? Or maybe Tequila Beef Short Ribs? Paired up with a bowl of Spicy Hominy Tomato Fiesta blend and homemade rolls just like my great-grandma used to make?! (Heads up… if you cook for your date AND go so far as to make the homemade rolls… MAJOR points for you! Just sayin…)

Scroll a bit to see all of the recipes I just mentioned… OR, if you have my cookbook (“Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition” hint, hint…)… Then you already have the recipes! (Check the image captions below for page numbers in the book).

recipe-beef short ribs 2 ways square
Recipes can be found on page 185 of “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition”

Spice things up with this zesty side dish…

Recipe- Spicy Hominy Tomato Fiesta
Recipe can be found on page 71 of “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition”

And don’t forget bonus points for making these AMAZING warm-out-of-the-oven rolls…

Recipe- Margaret's Rolls
Recipe can be found on page 50 of “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition”

These recipes are all really simple and are absolutely down-home good cookin!

Stay tuned for a second blog post later this week where I’ll be giving some recipes (out of my cookbook)… Sweets for your sweet!

Have a great week everybody!

Here’s to good rains, great friends and healthy cattle,



cookbook ad for valentines day square.jpg

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